Key-Link’s cable merchandiser brings the convenience and quality of a Key-Link cable system into your showroom!

The merchandiser contains everything you need for DIYers and contractors to build a cable system using existing posts and Key-Link fittings, cable, and accessories.

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What Products are Included?

Level + Stair Fittings

Level Fitting: used for level cable runs and can be mounted to concrete, wood, brick, etc.

Stair Fitting: used for stair cable runs and can be mounted to concrete, wood, brick, etc.

Wood Line Post Channel

Channel for a wood post. Makes it easier for the cable to slide through the post and allows cable to change directions without cutting into the wood.

Cable Threading Needle

Slides easily onto the end of the cable so the installer can thread the cable through a line post.

Cable Release Tool

Releases the cable from the lockjaw housing.

Cable Grip Adapters

Specially engineered head for any 10R, Straight Jaw locking pliers. This head fastens easily onto existing pliers and holds the cable securely for tensioning without crushing or damaging the strands.

Cable Roll

Sold in rolls of 100 feet, this 316L marine grade stainless steel cable allows installers to cut the lengths they need for their specific design.

 Boeshield T9 Corrosion Protector

This product protects the cable from moisture and removes any discolorations that may occur over time.

Tensioning Gauge

Measures tension in the cable so installers can tension to the appropriate measurement but not over tighten.

Cable Cutter

Sharp, high-quality cutters for stainless steel cable.

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